Personalized Financial Planning, For Generations

Putting people first means understanding the needs of our clients fully, but also having the holistic tools to meet those needs. At Siminou Wealth Management we design and deliver comprehensive financial plans tailored to achieve their individual outcomes.

Financial Planning: Delivering a total wealth solution

Achieving your goals requires a thoughtful approach that connects all aspects of your financial well-being. We’ll help you track and model expenses and cash flows to ensure you stay on track for retirement and other life stages.

We’re experienced and adept at establishing 529s, 401ks for small businesses and utilizing a wide array of tools from life insurance and trusts to reduce taxes and ensure your goals – and the goals you have for the next generations - are realized. 

Investment Management: Building portfolios tailored to your objectives

Whether you’re seeking to preserve wealth, generate income or opportunistically access the potential for gains, we know how to construct your portfolio with discipline, rigor and a constant eye to risk management.  

We begin by establishing a deep knowledge of your objectives and tolerance for market risk – bringing to bear our extensive experience across market cycles and a first-hand understanding that tomorrow’s portfolio risks will not be the same as today’s. Tax considerations are factored into investment decisions when portfolios are constructed and beyond.

With interest rates rising and equity markets moving, the right alternative strategies can improve portfolio stability and deliver needed income. We’re adept at understanding these strategies and when they can add value to a portfolio. We can also help mitigate your capital gains tax bill with the use of Opportunity Zones and 1031 exchanges.

It’s also important to understand that market volatility can also bring opportunity. By understanding risk and incorporating market acumen, we know when yesterday’s overpriced stock is today’s investment opportunity – and when it isn’t.

From Plan to Reality

The breadth of our services is augmented with our broad network of specialists. From art advisory to trusted CPAs, from experienced trust and real estate lawyers to currency management, Siminou Wealth Management delivers the resources and people needed for even the most complex situation.

Taking a holistic view allows us to balance risk with opportunity and assets with liability. A conservative portfolio allocation doesn’t make you secure if, at the same time, your property is underinsured. Taking on more market risk to “catch up” on retirement savings may in fact do the opposite.

Our people-first approach ensures a full understanding of your situation and your goals and a financial plan that does what you need it to. And together we make that plan a reality.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (516) 647-7146