Kingswood Elite Conference Recap

May 02, 2023

I just attended the Kingswood Elite Conference in Puerto Rico and wanted to provide everyone with a recap of interesting products to consider. These conferences are great to learn about new trends in the alternative investment world.

First, for all you football fans, we had the pleasure of speaking with Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton who started Tarkenton Financial. He presented his 10 keys to success which was great. He also went over annuities and life insurance products. Kindly reach out to me to review your plans and/or set up new ones.

Next of interest is Waveland Energy, an oil and gas fund providing a tax sheltered 10% annual dividend. Anyone looking to raise the income distribution of their portfolio should reach out to me so I can discuss the benefits of this product and how you'll be sheltered on the 1099. 

Lastly, most of you have successfully been involved in the first three Sovereign Funds. Great news! Sovereign Fund 4 is now open.

We can arrange a zoom or in person meetings/events for anyone interested in reviewing the above products with myself and the fund sponsors, so feel free to schedule a date with me.

Best regards,

Richard Siminou

Kingswood US

Siminou Wealth Management